Indentification of Problem
Viable Access to International Market

It is well-established fact that without access of Pakistan to international market, alone foreign aid cannot help prosper. However, one cannot determine the imperative for growth and prosperity even with the access to international market. The question is the stark reality but viability added to it.

Indeed Pakistan is living in turmoil time. Foreign aid may be emptied in future, and the black hole of our socio-economic problems has enough gravity to swallow our country.

Bureaucrats, Political Mainstream and Public are worried and everyone is asking for solution. Solution is not easy that needs viable access to market.

Over the years of experience and international exposure, a set of qualified but competent team emerged as solution provider with a magic-wand to connect Pakistani businesses and Industries to international market.

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Further Reading
Proposed Network
  • Providing a partnership in trade negotiations by establishing an ongoing and open dialogue between Pakistan businesses and negotiators. This dialogue will help the Government meet the needs and expectations of exporters as well as keeping businesses informed of the details and progress of the negotiations.
  • Providing assistance to help overcome access problems for exporters entering international markets (e.g. tariffs, import restrictions, health or packaging requirements).
  • Communicates information about new market access opportunities that result from trade negotiations.
  • Providing targeted economic and political information on export markets.
  • Providing assistance in gaining introductions to key players in international markets including central and local government contacts as well as within the local business community.
  • Promoting opportunities that help to bring new skills, technology, research & development and investment to Pakistan.
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    Business Interconnect - Unique businesses to business facility

Business Interconnect is a huge technology infrastructure providing services to chambers of commerce & industry consisting member buyers, sellers, industrialists and executives. For the job-to-job marketplace, brand can be merely defined as the lot of images, image and feelings that are evoked in the psyche of your customers and prospects at the reference of your figure. Chamber’s Business Interconnect is one-stop job solutions for many of the party’s needs. Real moment market allows buyers to go fast resolution; two main indicators of party productivity are Increased Revenue and Cost Saving. Products offered on a market are integrated with the  Chamber of Commerce existing Infrastructure.

There are new benefits that Chamber can obtain from participating in Chamber’s Business Interconnect marketplace as below:

Timesavings: Provides for faster acceptance, ordering processes and saving tracking.

Access to original suppliers: Chamber’s Business Interconnect market involvement removes geographic fences and provides approach to original suppliers.

Increased sales: With Chamber’s Business Interconnect approach to a wider marketplace, suppliers have the potentiality to increase revenue. Reduced sales and backing costs by automating sales and client backing processes companies can cut over chief costs around 25-30% well.

Reduced elevated costs: Thanks to sleek supply string, elevated costs can be reduced upward to 30 percentages.

B2B exchanges: The landscape is littered with hundreds of B2B exchanges that have failed, demonstrating that success is far from automated. However, many are yet operating. They have learned how to go reward of the opportunities and avert the drawbacks of this energetic original merchandising line. The sales string integrated into an Chamber’s Business Interconnect Business-to-Business market covers every phase of selling procedure including quote, dialogue, billing and consignment tracking.

Chamber’s Business Interconnect is an innovative and comprehensive online business- to-business (B2B) portal, which provides a professional platform for the Pakistani exporters, producers, suppliers and others who are involved into import-export trade. Since inception in 2009, Chamber’s Business Interconnect has its vision to emerge as an international plateau for thousands of consultants, importers-exporters, agencies and firms to transact business globally.

Increase Revenue and Penetrate New Markets with Chamber’s Business Interconnect

  • Offers to Buy
  • Offers to Sell
  • Product Catalogues
  • Email Trade Notifications
  • Company Showrooms / Profiles
  • Directory of Members and Other Important Resources arround the world
  • Resources geared by educational community and world trade and business promotion organizaitons
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Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani
Prime Minister, Pakistan
Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif
Chief Minister, Punjab
Mr. Ishaq Darr
Mr. Pervez Rasheed
Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi
Secretary-General, UNCTAD
Mr. Jean Marie Eklou
Manager Country Gateways, Development Gateway Foundation
Mian Mohammad Idrees
Vice President & Regional Chairman FPCCI
Akram Badshah
President, Gujranwala CCI
Mian Muzaffar Ali
President, Lahore CCI
Manzoor Ul Haq Malik
President, Sheikhupura CCI
Hassan Ali Bhatti
President, Sialkot CCI
Mohammad Ali Mian
Chairperson, BAF
Mian Mahmood Ahmad
President, Raheem Yar Khan CCI
Mian Hamid Javed
President, Faisalabad CCI
Syed Asad Mashadi
President, Rawalpindi CCI
Pir Saad Ahsannudin

We thank and appraise above individuals and those who are not listed for contributing ideas through public statements and in-person meetings.

Mr. Rizwan Saleem
Project Director, Chambers and Business Interconnect